We’re turning the chapter on WAVE 2, SuperSisters! 📘


<aside> 💡 (don’t worry, you can still get your WAVE 1 and WAVE 2 variations on OpenSea)


Each WAVE brings to life THREE NEW SUPERSISTERS (based on the actual person who holds the NFT) + updates to the overall experience.

More fun, more connection, and more interactivity!

Before we get to the new SuperSisters:


📚 EVERYONE now has access to the Global Sisterhood Book Club! We debated on keeping the book club “holders only”, but we want everyone to participate in these fun sessions we’ve been having since spring 2020 (join us on September 7th in Heartbeat).

🦸‍♀️ Each SuperSister also has an interactive character sheet. This is where you’ll track your SuperSister’s progress, access assets, open trading card packs, and more…


<aside> 💡 Best experienced on desktop for now. We are currently working on a mobile version


🎴 Open trading card packs?

We’ve created a fun “pack opening experience”. Open a pack of cards, shuffle them, share them, then click your favorite card to go right to OpenSea!

<aside> 💡 Open a pack of Erika’s trading cards now! supersisters.xyz/erikapack



📈 SuperSister’s progress?